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2009 Final Results

Lovejoy ISD Market

(January 1, 2009 thru December 31, 2009)

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All year long, we have been tracking the effectiveness of the locally based Lovejoy School District Realtors, to give you a true sense of what you can expect, when you list your home for sale in this market.  We know that when you list your house, you want to have a reasonable expectation of actually "Getting It Sold"?  After all, you can choose any Realtor to list, and the more listings a Realtor has should interpret into more sales (?), but only we can actually prove we give you the highest percentage of opportunity to "Get It Sold"?

After all, isn't that REALLY what you need to know? 

We believe this real estate market is an especially well- informed, educated, and data driven market, and it is with that in mind, we want to thank our clients, for making us the "Most Effective Realtor" in this market, and present the Final Results for the 2009 calendar year.  This data was collected from the North Texas Real Estate Information System, and is the best available source for information of this kind.

Lovejoy ISD Based Offices

Listings Taken Listings SOLD % Listings/Sold Avg Sales $
Paul Billingsly Realtors 7 5 71.43% $696,980
Tom Grisak Estate Homes 23 9 39.13% $738,279
ISD Realtors 11 4 36.36% $367,249
Exemplary Real Estate 6 2 33.34% $412,500
McIntosh Estate Homes 8 1 12.50% $445,000

Upon careful inspection of the above chart, you will notice that our "effectiveness", defined by percentage of sales versus number of listings taken, is almost twice that of any of our competitors!

Since we have also been one of the leading custom homebuilders/developers in the area , when we developed Ascot Heath in 1983, you might wonder "how" we are now able to be more effective than "just" Realtors who have been at it for much longer?   We want to reassure you, that not only is it possible, but the Facts prove it's true?

In fact, we know it is because of that cross-pollination as Realtors/Builders that we have been able to attain that status.  While it may be a slight over-simplification, in the interest of not wearing you out on this article, let us state it is our experience that historically the Lovejoy School District has been a "I want to build my dream home" community.  People are attracted to the Lovejoy Schools, the wide open spaces, trees, creeks, and a generally gracious lifestyle that this area affords.  And, with the new shopping/entertainment areas at Central Expressway & Stacy Road this trend should continue and flourish. 

But there is one big change in our market: The unavailability of readily affordable lots/land upon which to build in the Lovejoy Schools area.  While there are some higher end areas, such as Tranquility Farm, and the Serenity subdivisions which still have available lots upon which to build (and we're happy to build there when a client "just can't find what they want"), the truth is there is a very large "gap" in the affordability of existing home prices and what an available lot and new home can be built for.  It is this gap that we continue to point out to our prospects, and show them the value in the existing market, which has caused our Realtor side of our business to flourish, while the building side is "per the market" (a nice way to say "better days are ahead")! 

Another, quick point, that has enabled us to reach this pinnacle of effectiveness is this:  If the existing market is pointed out as a more "affordable" market, the buyer's still want to make the previously owned home "theirs", and generally want to have anything from room additions, energy upgrades, window replacements, etc, to put "their fingerprints" on the house, to make it "theirs".  And we're the only Realtors/Builders in the area that can help the new owners with that side of their dream, too.   This facilitates the transaction for both parties-and makes doing business easier, less stressful.

It is THAT convenient combination that has helped us to achieve the "Most Effective" status for a locally based Realtor firm in 2009. 

Finally, a few more thoughts and we will conclude.  First, we want to thank our clients.  Without them we wouldn't exist!  As in all matters of business, it usually comes down to who you trust, and we want to thank them for their trust in us.  Secondly, we want to thank our friendly Realtor competitors in this market, and congratulate them for "hanging in there" in a very challenging environment.  We are proud to work with all of these clients and agents, and will continue to reciprocate with them, helping them sell their listings, as well as welcoming them to continue showing/selling our listings.  The truth is, we are "all in this boat" together.

However, when you get ready to list your home, all we ask from you is to consider the "Facts", and make the choice that gives you the best opportunity to actually "Get It Sold"!  Contact any of us at the e-mail link below, or give us a call, and let us show you what we can do for you!

Again, thanks!

Paul Billingsly  or (214) 878-8767

Click here to see actual  "Listings Taken" per NTREIS for Jan 1 thru Dec 31, 2009  arranged by Average Sales Price

Click here to see actual current "Listings Sold" per NTREIS for Jan 1 thru Dec 31, 2009 arranged by Average Sales Price 


For you information, below are the "Final" Results for the year 2009 (versus the previous two years/by price range)








Price Sales Avg. Days on Market Avg.$/SF  Avg. List Price Avg. Sales Price
$200-299K 86 74 $91.00 $248,806 $239,903
$200-299K 87 101 $94.00 $252,961 $244,720
$200-299K 63 100 $98.59 $254,146 $245,001
$300-399K 52 111 $105.00 $351,195 $337,564
$300-399K 47 73 $102.00 $353,032 $343,510
$300-399K 50 94 $100.60 $358,476 $347,080
$400-499K 28 97 $106.00 $449,003 $435,112
$400-499K 27 95 $112.00 $452,962 $439,402
$400-499K 32 160 $113.00 $464,076 $447,886
$500-599K 18 172 $121.00 $566,810 $539,360
$500-599K 19 139 $115.00 $561,932 $544,232
$500-599K 14 222 $118.00 $567,957 $548,243
$600-699K 8 133 $128.00 $664,243 $623,851
$600-699K 9 169 $123.00 $651,494 $641,988
$600-699K 13 84 $146.00 $661,877 $645,638
$700-799K 2 210 $125.00 $761,950 $720,000
$700-799K 5 41 $153.00 $765,550 $733,150
$700-799K 8 165 $148.00 $769,026 $754,484
$800-899K 1 85 $154.00 899,999 870,000
$800-899K 3 58 $185.00 $868,633 $857,333
$800-899K 3 189 $156.00 $889,300 $855,637
$900K-999K 0 n/a $ n/a $ n/a $ n/a
$900K-999K 2 124 $157.00 $987,450 $947,450
$900K-999K 4 289 $176.00 $978,225 $965,975
$1M + 5* 135 $214.00 $1,373,780 $1,305,623
$1M + 9 85 $221.00 $1,540,322 $1,412,018
$1M + 2 106 $193.00 $1,244,500 $1,236,091

If you are curious about lot and small acreage sales, below are the facts:

Lots: (1-3 Acres)
Sales Avg. Size Avg. Days on Market Avg. Sales Price  Avg. $ / Acre Avg. Sales Price vs. List Price Expired Listings
7 1.81 20 $118,514* $65,477* * % 17
7 2.1 94 $192,200 $91,524 97.5% 10
15 1.7  70 $174,742 $102,488 92.9% 3

* 3 of the 7 sales were "Z" sales


Lots: (3.01-20 Acres)
Sales Avg. Size Avg. Days on Market Avg. Sales Price  Avg. $ / Acre Avg. Sales Price vs. List Price Expired Listings
2 6.0 226 $412,500 $68,750 85.1% 14
2 6.9 38 $334,500 $48,478 91.3% 4
3 9.3  77 $640,575 $68,879 92.9% 3

While the information contained in this article is deemed reliable, we cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof.


5 Easy Ways to Sell Your Home Faster


You don’t have to take on a full-fledged renovation to get prospective buyers interested in your house—in fact, that may even turn some people away in a challenging market. After all, every penny that you’ve sunk into an obvious upgrade is money that the seller is mentally adding up as a factor in the price—and may represent an aesthetic choice the buyer would not have made. (Cancel that appointment at the Sub-Zero showroom, STAT.) There are simple ways, however, to make your home seem infinitely more appealing with very little investment—and very little effort.

1. If you do only two things before showing your house, clean, and clean some more. “People want to come into a space and visualize themselves living there,” says Manhattan-based Corcoran Group sales broker Jeanine Schlifer. “If there are spills on the table, toys on the floor, and dog mess everywhere, people can’t focus on the space.” It’s worth it to hire a professional to come in for a deep-clean, as they may find dirt in places you can easily overlook, like scuffs on walls and smudged light switch plates. Nadia Geller of the new TLC show Date My House says that buyers pay most attention to the entryway—the first-impression spot for most visitors—as well as the kitchen and the master bedroom; those rooms in particular should be immaculate. The same goes for any architectural details (such as a fireplace) that might be called out on a spec sheet, Geller adds.

2. Accentuate the positive, camouflage the negative. If you have large windows or a great view, hang long, simple curtains to accentuate them. (Hanging curtains from just above and outside the window frame will also make ceilings feel higher and windows more impressive.) If you have spacious rooms, remove any too-bulky furniture or unnecessary pieces that would make the space feel cramped. Geller suggests looking at furniture catalogs to get ideas for pleasing furniture proportions, arrangements, and an idea of how many pieces to keep in a room. If your closets are tiny, pull out some of the clothes and store them elsewhere. “You don’t want it to look like you couldn’t fit one more thing on the rack if your life depended on it,” Schlifer says. A kitchen counter top cluttered with appliances can similarly make a buyer feel there will be no place to store their things; packing some of that away in cabinets will create the illusion of more space.

3. Appeal to the widest possible audience. If you have a hot-pink accent wall, paint over it with a more neutral shade that matches the other walls. Pack away that collection of Star Wars figurines. Stash kids’ toys or dog toys in another room. “Remember that you’re selling your home, not your personality,” Schlifer says. And a prospective buyer who hates dogs could get hung up on your giant training crate and pile of rawhide bones. (Be sure to also take pets to a friend’s house or a kennel and vacuum well before any showings—a sneezing, fur-allergic buyer is not a happy one.) Thin out your collection of trophies, knickknacks, and personal photos on bookshelves, and replace them with more books—even books from a secondhand store or thrift shop, says Geller; they’ll have a more universal appeal.

4. Create a welcoming environment. “You want buyers to make an emotional connection to your home,” Schlifer says, and you can go a long way toward achieving that by making the space feel warm, bright, and fresh. Replace dim light bulbs with new ones and make sure there is a pleasant, but not overpowering, smell in the house. (Try baking cookies or setting out a scented-oil diffuser.) Place fresh guest soaps in the bathroom, hang a new shower curtain and neatly fold matching bath towels. Purchase fresh flowers—a bunch of all one variety makes the cleanest statement—and put them out in a simple vase. Open the windows before people come in to let some fresh air blow through. The ultimate goal is to make people feel so good in your house or apartment, they won’t want to leave—ever.

5. Develop a quick-clean plan for last-minute showings. You never know when a realtor may have an interested client, so it’s important to have a speedy cleaning plan for spontaneous appointments. Invest in a nice-looking storage trunk for stashing day-to-day clutter in a hurry and make a habit of kicking up your regular cleaning routine a notch so there’s less to do before a visit.


Whether you allow us to represent you, or not, we hope these small bits of advice will help you to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of stress. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about how to best go about getting your property Sold!  That’s what we do, and we do it best!