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Glen Barrett has been in and around the construction industry since 1964.  Starting early in life, he has enjoyed the process of homebuilding since his first day!

Please scroll through our pics below...we're very proud of our homes!  We hope you will like them, too!

Handsome Exterior Elevation

At Dusk, Twice as Nice-Exterior with Lighting Details

Intricate Exterior Detailing, Including Landscaping Makes Patio Living What It Should Be

Another View of Patio Living

Warm and Gracious Family Room Invites Your Guests to Come In And Relax

Gourmet Kitchens Are the Heart of Our Homes

Our first choice of homesites in the Van Alstyne area is, of course, the Blue Hills of Van Alstyne subdivision.  It contains the most beautiful land, along with:

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Building fine homes is in our blood...we enjoy every minute of making your dream come true!  We hope it shows in the quality, design, and décor we work hard to produce!

If you're looking for a quality home, with extra effort by your builder - give us a call, we'd love to help

Glen Barrett

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