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(in our their own words-by Dave & Kristen Pottinger)

In October 2009, we decided to sell our home.  We had just received a postcard from Paul Billingsly Realtors and decided to call them for an interview.  After hearing several other agents' sales pitches, we were impressed with the straightforward style of both Jana and Paul.  We knew the market was "pretty tough", but were confident that if our house could be SOLD, Paul Billingsly Realtors could get it done!  Our house was barely on the market for a month before it was put under contract and SOLD!

We were so pleased with the quick sale of our old house, and the way they had achieved it, that we asked them (Paul Billingsly Realtors) to help us find a replacement home in the Lovejoy ISD that we could move into within 30 days.  They found several homes that fit our parameters and quickly arranged to show us each of them.  When we decided on which home we wanted, Jana and Paul were rock stars in helping us get that deal done, too.

What we bought:










While the "basics" were good in the new house, it needed quite a bit of work, as it was dated by the '80s "look".  When discussing our needs with Paul, to our pleasant surprise, he informed us that he could help us with that aspect, too!  After checking around and doing our homework, we discovered that Paul not only could do it, but was one of the most respected homebuilders/re-modelers in the area!  Having already gained our trust with his smooth handling of our past home sale, and the subsequent purchase, we decided to talk to Paul about making some renovations to the home after we moved in.

The first part of the process involved discussing what we wanted and getting the basic design drawn up.  With his extensive experience and contacts, Paul was able to recommend an architect that was perfect for us.  Paul and the architect both listened carefully to our goals.  The remodel consisted of two major parts:  The addition of a large garage (to serve as a shop for my wood working hobby-see picture below), and a complete facelift to the elevation/exterior of the home.  Paul and the architect worked in concert to develop a plan that suited our needs very well.

The garage/wood workshop finished:


Once the architectural plans were completed, the next order of business was to "develop" the lot, so it could accommodate this new structure.  Our lot is "tiered" (the backyard was higher than the house), so this involved some major grading, soils testing, and the building of a pretty massive retaining wall.

What the backyard looked like at first:










The retaining wall under construction:
















Paul's attention to detail and commitment to quality stick out as two of the most appreciated qualities he brings to the table.  For example, the Town of Fairview requires an engineer's sealed plan for retaining walls over 4' high.  Again, Paul knew exactly the right engineering firm to call.  Additionally, Paul not  only complied with the plan, but made sure that he built a wall that exceeded the requirements.  Plus, we think it looks pretty darn great, too!

The retaining wall completed:










After getting the lot prepared, the next thing was the installation of the foundation.  Paul worked with us the entire way, and remained flexible, so that we could make changes to the plans to include a breezeway to connect the two garages, once we saw how things laid out.

This is the kind of "flexible" add we're talking about-adjusting the steps to meet the finished grade:

The foundation preparation for concrete:

Once the foundation for the additional garage was taken care of, our attention turned to the face lift on the rest of the house.  We wanted a new look that got rid of the "drab" colors, and add just a tiny bit of "WOW!" to the front of the house.

The old brick porch with the '80s "arch" was the first thing to get torn out:


We also replaced the old aluminum windows with new, energy efficient vinyl models.  We looked at several options with Paul's window distributor and decided on some excellent Jeld-Wen windows.  As the picture below shows, the new windows make a huge difference in the new look of the house.










Next up...Removing the late '80s cornice and masonry details.  We also "nuked" the eyebrow arches on the upper windows.  Additionally, we added some interest to the facade with a couple of shed roofs that are supported by heavy timber brackets.










To complete the look we wanted, we built a new front porch with heavy timber trusses.  Another nice touch from Paul: the arch in the front collar beam mimics the arch in the new transom window that's situated above the new alder wood arched-topped front door unit!


We knew it would be hard to live in a home while it underwent such extensive construction.  While there were a few moments (there always is?), in which we questioned our sanity, Paul made the process very easy, and as painless as possible.  And, we ended up with a finished product that we love!  Isn't that the goal? (See Before & After Pictures below)




If you want a Realtor that can sell your home, help you find a home, or make renovations, Paul Billingsly Realtors are the people to go to!  We are so pleased with our final product, we will recommend Jana and Paul to all our friends who are looking to Buy, Sell, Remodel, or Build New. 

Thank you Paul and Jana, for your vision and professionalism throughout the entire experience!

Dave & Kristen Pottinger

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